Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

updated 2.4.20, replaces 10.13.17 update

1. Our site collects IP addresses and domain names of all visitors.

2. There are methods available for users to prevent this information from showing the actual user IP address and domain.

3. Anyone viewing any site controlled by Thompson Communications who does not agree with our policy has the option of avoiding our sites by use of readily available filtering or blocking software .

4. No personal information is recorded or retained.

5. Our site contains links to other sites who may have their own privacy policies.

6. Use of this site is construed as acceptance of this policy. Use, permission or acceptance of email addresses from this domain or any other controlled by Thompson Communications for private and or commercial transactions constitutes acceptance of commercial policies of Thompson Communications. Thompson Communictions may elect to receive services at locations other than the initial installation or service demarc site. Failure to provide said services can be grounds for termination of a service contract or agreement.

7. If Thompson Communications or its employees shall be required to enable Javascript to complete, display or transmit data via a web page to or from a vendor providing services to Thompson Communications, that site accepts all responsibilty for all damages which may result from ID theft, computer viruses or any other software or "malware" infections.

8. Online transactions with Thompson Communications and or its authorized employees, other than product purchases, require written confirmation within 30 days to remain valid. Transactions made be canceled at any time without notice. In cases where vendor policies conflict with our policies, our policies shall prevail.

9. These terms shall prevail over any site's terms. Intellectual property rights cannot be transferred to other persons or entities by posting diagrams, photos or text on any webpages.

10. No permission is given to contact Thompson Communications, its vendors, employees or contractors by phone unless granted in writing. Anyone violating this policy will be reported to the FCC for violation of the Do Not Call list and will be forced to have sex with Hillary Clinton and no you don't get to wear a mask.